"Merlin" for Life

"Merlin" for Life

Postby Galadriel » Sun Nov 02, 2014 10:17 pm

Close Encounter of the Third Kind… MERLIN

You are more than a Son of your Father
You are the Son of the Earth, the Sea, and the Sky
Magic is the fabric of this world
You were born of that magic
You are magic itself
You cannot lose what you are…

Believe what your heart knows to be true
You ARE and always will BE

Always in awe with the magic of life and looking of it in every corner, I relate to those who have been touched by BBC Merlin series and are behind the More Merlin Project.

In a noisy world moving so fast and disconnected from our souls and the sacred of everyday life; is refreshing to find people looking for it and using their creativity and talents in ways that fuel and ignite the core values and depth that speak to the soul.

I am a middle age woman bewildered at the effect that some things have in me. I see myself moved to my core and acting like a crazy fool in a childish and maddening pursuit of the elixir that brings such hope and joy into my life. The critic in my stands freaking out; but a healthy grown-up takes its place reminding me that I am a kid at heart and is that precisely which keeps me grounded to the earth while looking to the skies.

Yes, hope and truth can be found in the unsuspected and the ordinary bringing with them the power to transform us and make remember where really come from.

Merlin’s effect represents more than great writing, directing and acting, it’s a remainder that living for what is honorable, just and good is more than a mythical tale; is a timeless longing of the human soul that transcendences cultures and countries boundaries.

The quest for Albion to be reunited and embrace the different beliefs and ways of living grounded in core values and with deep sense of respect and compassion; is something our world is in desperately need of. Kingdoms collaborating with a higher vision and building alliances based on mutual respect and the acknowledgement of each other strengths and qualities surely differs from the transactional manner in which we relate and exchange today.

Light and shadow are two sides of the same coin; one cannot exist without the other and both shape reality and the human soul. Merlin’s characters go through a great deal of tests and transformation to fulfill their destinies and the series does a remarkable job pointing this out. Gracefully, instead of putting emphasis in the battles, power or the “treasure hunt”, the series draws upon the character’s growth and speaks loud and clear about:

    How the choices we make shape which future comes to pass.
    How a great leader is one who owns his/her choices and acts responsibly with compassion and assertiveness; and no matter the outcome he/she holds her/himself accountable for the actions and people they lead.
    No matter how accomplished you are; true collaboration shall bring a greater result that standing alone.
    Choose wisely who accompanies you in the quest, people might differ in how, what or when, but the why must match. Their intention and vision behind the quest should point to the same star.
    Love does not need an excuse to be.
    Fear goes side by side with ignorance and is the base of hatred.
    Power it either good or bad, it is what lies in the heart of the beholder that makes it either. And this is true for many other things in life.
    We all crave unconditional love and acceptance; we all bloom when seen for the qualities and potential in us and feel supported in our weaknesses and failures.

Sacredness is everywhere, and also a state of mind that comes from the acknowledgement and acceptance that the world is place of magic and it is there for us to wonder and be moved. There are things we cannot explain or might never understand, still we can enjoy and honor them.

In a world that claims to be able to, and looks forward to clone a human being to “perfect it;” we are still afraid of touching one another and love without prejudice. We alienate and isolate ourselves and hide behind computer screens instead of reaching out face to face. We crave meaningful connections but run and judge those brave enough to go for brother or sisterhood and feel threatened by others accomplishments or gains because we believe “there will be less for us.”

Merlin stood for what he believed and felt right in his heart, even if it contravened the social barrier servant/king or it could risk his friendship with Arthur. As Gwen and Gaius, he placed his bet in the man Arthur was meant to be pushing him to act from a place of love, possibilities and potential rather than one of limitations and habits.

How different do you think the world could be if we could interact, teach, love and raise our kids with these values?

Do I subscribe to the Moe Merlin Project?
Of course I do; Merlin’s depart left a void hard to define. I think that the amazing writers, actors and crew didn’t foresee the impact of their work and somehow abandon just when it was about to cross the point between a great series and those events that mark a generation and move them to a higher level.

Perhaps they were tired and they want to move on, or the budget was tight, the ratings were not high enough; the challenge to keep up require a creative effort or time beyond their current possibilities. Perhaps it was intended to leave us with this longing…
I confess I have no idea.

Nevertheless, I agree with those arguing that neither Albion’s nor Merlin’s destiny was fulfilled. The development of the fifth season leaves me with an awkward taste of failure; we could have gain so much from a friendship learning to deal with their differences and adjustments in a world were Merlin’s magic was not a secret anymore (at least for Arthur) and a proposal for how the two worlds could come together in a common ground for the love of Camelot.
We can go on and on…

Why not follow Kilgharra’s words and show us another possible future?

It takes hard work and commitment to do what Merlin’s team did though, and I bow with both, admiration and gratitude.

More Merlin
I propose that The More Merlin Project rises beyond bringing back the series, (for which you have my vote) to a project promoting and encouraging those values and the openness of heart and mind in our young and old kids. What if we could work together to create our small Camelot’s and help our kids to become the Merlin, (Arthur, Gwen, Knight, i.e.) they are meant to be?

I know tyranny, repression and death; I have seen them in the eye. I live in a country that stands for them. I have also seen hope and possibilities in my students, their innocence and talents, their natural generosity and curiosity. I have learned so much from them….

Sharing and teaching in other countries has taught me that there are many ways to become imprisoned and lose the faith in ourselves. Merlin has strengthened my wish to empower our little and old kids to keep their openness and love for live and to live it from their hearts with a deep sense of personal calling and soulfulness. Many ideas come to mind…

Hope, greatness and the possible, have no age, race, language or nationality;they dwell in the heart of all and it light when we pass the torch.

The Round Table is open for all to collaborate as equals; my sword is on the table.

”Everything here is so full of life, every tree, every leaf, every insect; it’s as if the world is vibrating, as if everything is much more than itself...”

Mercedes Calcano

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Re: "Merlin" for Life

Postby BradleyColingirl » Mon Nov 03, 2014 11:45 am

Wow what a beautiful message is this
thank you for sharing your thoughts xx
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Re: "Merlin" for Life

Postby Emrys » Mon Nov 03, 2014 12:15 pm

Hello Mercedes, Galadriel!

I absolutely echo ALL that you wrote. The More Merlin Project started not just because I (and others) loved the show.. it started because we all were so grateful to this amazing creation which, rather than showing the diet of violence, gore, repetitious storyline, mediocre acting (need I go on?) found in most tv shows and movies today... Merlin showed the very opposite and filled our screens, our minds and our hearts with inspiration, honor, truth, integrity, sacred love & Love.

So yes, the reason we have been quietly focusing on (not fighting) but focusing on a Merlin movie is so that once again we can have that Magic in our lives. Yes, the natural progression is that we stand for those values.

That is exactly why we retreated from Facebook. We are still there, the page is still active, but we retreated from the "numbers race" which so many of the fan pages are focused on. It seemed more important for some pages to get higher numbers than to actually post about the show or the actors. In order for the likes to go up.. pages have to engage in an endless activity of "promos" where the pages end up full of nothing but promos. We are now only posting once a day there and no promos.

Here, it is all about the Heart energy, all about people coming and posting when they want..... surfing through peacefully to find something that catches their attention: some writing? a piece of art? a comment or discussion? We are about to add a "chat" feature so that members can also chat with each other & make deeper friend connections.

My wish is that the Forum continues to grow with people joining and finding community, support and the values that were portrayed so beautifully in Merlin

For the Love of Camelot! Keeping the MAGIC Alive
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Re: "Merlin" for Life

Postby Galadriel » Wed Nov 05, 2014 5:28 am

I am pleased and grateful to be part of this community and have the opportunity to contribute. I agree with a "simple and caring" forum that acknowledges the great work done by Merlin's team and opens the door for the members to share and keep the magic alive. Thank you.
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Re: "Merlin" for Life

Postby Merlin Amanda » Wed Nov 05, 2014 2:11 pm

Galadriel You, my dear, are what this Forum and the More Merlin Project is all about. We realised from very early days of the shows ending, that something had to be done. The effect the show had on fans was overwhelming. This is a home if you like for people to come and connect with others who feel the same way. There are often very negative comments from family and friends and not to simply ridicule you but because they do not understand. One thing I have gained since joining the Project are some of the most wonderful friends and I feel very blessed for that. So welcome my sweet.

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Re: "Merlin" for Life

Postby Tony » Wed Nov 05, 2014 8:39 pm

What can I say, Galadriel, I have really nothing to add to your wonderful post. You've beautifully captured everything Merlin and the More Merlin Project stands for, thank you so much!
For the love of Camelot!
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Re: "Merlin" for Life

Postby aimeeevenstar » Tue Nov 11, 2014 11:18 am

Hi Galadriel

What a beautiful expression of what Merlin is about. I agree with all my Heart. Thank you for sharing your words & energy. <3
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Re: "Merlin" for Life

Postby Emrys » Fri Aug 05, 2016 12:29 am

I hope you come back and post some more Galadriel!
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