FAQ ~ Technicalities ~ Questions

FAQ ~ Technicalities ~ Questions

Postby Emrys » Mon Sep 29, 2014 10:05 pm

Welcome to the Tecchie page.

Here's where we hope you will find an answer to FAQ & a little help when you first arrive

Your Profile Page

On your profile page which you find in the "User Control Panel" (top left hand of the Board Index just under Board Index) you can tell everyone else a bit about you. You can put a link to your site or another page..add friends, direct message and email other members.. it's pretty cool. You can also upload your own "avatar"


Has to be a certain size.. i.e. not more than 90 x 90 ..... you can easily resize your photo using pic resize here:


It's free and you don't have to join anything. Most people find they have to reduce the photo they want to use for their Avatar.

Just a suggestion... it might be an idea to use a photo that is actually not Colin or Bradley.. otherwise there will be so many Colins and Bradleys it might be a bit confusing!!!!!


You can add friends in your User Control Panel


You can message other members privately in direct messages


You can email other members

Using the Forum Board ~ Making a new Post ~ Adding Comments ~ Creating a new Topic

Here's a useful link to the FAQ on how to use the Board :

https://www.phpbb.com/support/documenta ... osting.php

and a Glossary of the Forum Board:


How to Embed a youtube Video in your post

* Open a normal post as usual
* Click the Youtube link on the top right of the panel
* This will open a double youtube youtube in this section and the mouse will be in between the two "you tubes"
* Go to the video you want and copy and paste everything AFTER THE V= so everything from AFTER the = sign up to but not including the "&" sign. (not very many symbols usually)
* Copy those in between the "you tubes"
* Hit submit
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