Expectations of our Noble Members ~ READ THIS FIRST!

Expectations of our Noble Members ~ READ THIS FIRST!

Postby Emrys » Sun Sep 28, 2014 10:57 pm

Expectations of our Noble Members

Anyone who watched Merlin appreciated the honor, integrity, respect & values displayed by Arthur & the Knights of the Round Table, Merlin & Guinevere…. well that’s what we expect here. We wish to be respectful of ourselves, each other and also the cast & crew of Merlin. So please focus on this Forum as a place where those values are held in high esteem & act accordingly. As Guinevere often said to Arthur: “you have a good heart Arthur” & that’s why we are the Heart of Merlin Magic.

Your own page at Merlin's World

* Once you subscribe, you have your own page and can "customize" your page - upload your own "Avatar" or image which will be displayed alongside any post you make. Your Avatar can be a photo of you or any other photo you choose. You may want to consider choosing yourself, or something individual.. otherwise it's possible there will be an awful lot of "Colins" and "Bradleys" out there! You can say a little bit about you & why you are here.

* You can add friends, message people directly and even chat here.

* You can comment on a post made by others or make a new post, create a new "thread" & others will comment on your post

In this forum you can comment & post yourself on any post.. you will see the categories. You can create a new thread and post a new photo,
composition or comment. You can also become friends with other Members and chat online. This is a community and one focused on our love for Merlin.

If you have any questions, please direct them to any of the Moderators. You can tell the Moderators as they have a pink color by their names. You can also see them listed on the Merlin World Team Members. [/b]

New Members! Please say hello here!: http://forum.merlinsworldofmagic.com/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=23

Admins Amanda & Francesca
Moderators: Diane, Tati, Marie, Vlatka, Tony, Monica, Milica, Leticia, Sadick, Bukky, Iresha, Ekta

Special Note:

We happen to know that neither Colin Morgan nor Bradley James are fond of the whole “merthur” as in “gay” relationship. Even without that knowledge, we feel it is most disrespectful to photoshop two people who have not kissed or been in particular position together in that position…. we certainly wouldn’t like it if someone did that to us and displayed it publicly without our consent. This has nothing to do with being gay or not, we totally support gay relationships, it’s about respect. So please, no sexual “merthur” images here. If any are uploaded, they will be removed immediately. That goes for any sexual images... that stuff is private! As it was in the days of Camelot!

It almost "goes without saying" that any profanity or vulgar language or insinuation will likewise be removed immediately.

Thank you for complying with our expectations and making Merlin's World a MAGICAL place to be!
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