Richard Wilson (Gaius)

Richard Wilson (Gaius)

Postby Merlin Amanda » Tue Sep 30, 2014 11:27 am

Richard Wilson was born on July 9, 1936 in Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland as Ian Colquhoun Wilson.
He is known for his work on One Foot in the Grave (1990), Merlin (2008) and A Passage to India (1984).

Born: Ian Colquhoun Wilson
July 9, 1936 in Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland, UK
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Re: Richard Wilson (Gaius)

Postby Gwen » Sat Oct 04, 2014 6:01 pm

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Ohh beloved Gaius (Richard) ! I just can not imagine how would have the series looked like without him
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Re: Richard Wilson (Gaius)

Postby elyshamaya » Mon Nov 03, 2014 9:36 am

I loved the character of Gaius. He was such an important part of Merlin.. he was the person Merlin talked to about all his troubles.. or most of them. He gave advice, he was always there. I heard Colin say that he really enjoyed and appreciated working with Richard Wilson... he clearly thought a lot of him. He said he did his first scene and his last scene with Richard and was happy about that. They shared so many classic moments too.... classic Merlin moments, often when they were sharing food remember? Oh I miss them!
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