Gaius Kilgharrah Uther Lancelot Gwaine Mordred & all Knights

Gaius Kilgharrah Uther Lancelot Gwaine Mordred & all Knights

Postby Emrys » Tue Sep 30, 2014 2:13 pm

We all loved the main characters.. but Merlin would not have captured our hearts without the outstanding supporting cast & characters. Gaius, the mentor who was the parent & counsel to Merlin, Kilgharrah who voiced the wisdom of the Ancients, Uther - the perfect unreasonable & ruthless King, Lancelot - the Noblest of Knights, Leon, the most Loyal, Gwaine, brave & fun, Elyan, noble & true, Percival, loyal & strong.

That list does not even include the list of other characters who came in & out of the world of Merlin & Arthur. That list includes some of the most respected & talented acting names in the UK (and the list is by no means complete) : This copy Lindsay Duncan as Queen Annis, Sarah Parrish as the Lady Catrina, Janet Montgomery as the stunning Princess Mithian, Holliday Grainger as Sophia, Joe Dempsie as William, Frank Finlay as Anhora, Mackenzie Crook as Cedric, Julian Rhind Tutt as Edwin, Colin Salmon as Aglain, Asa Butterfield as Young Mordred, Charles Dance as Aredian, Mark Lewis-Jones as King Olaf, Tom Ellis as Cenred, Emilia Fox as Morgause, Georgia King as Princess Elena, Warwick Davis as Grettir, Donald Sumpter as The Fisher King, Pauline Collins as Alice, Harry Melling as Gill, Gemma Jones as The Cailleach, Nathaniel Parker as Agravaine, James Callis as Borden, Ben Daniels as Tristan, Miranda Raison as Isolde, Gary Lewis as Alator, Sorcha Cusack as Finna,
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