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Amberyl wrote:I agree that I can feel the love coming from your story. I think that is one of the reasons why we all love the show so much is because of Arthur and Merlin's deep love for one another. I can also feel how much you love the show in your words. You should keep writing! In fanfictions I personally always love to see what becomes of their relationship once Arthur is alive and well and things have returned to normal, with the main change being that now Merlin can use magic openly.

Well I can say this story is not over yet sweety
and thnx for the sweet words
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Re: When you return I will be here - BradleyColingirl

Postby BradleyColingirl » Sun Dec 07, 2014 12:52 pm

A Christmas part of my story :D

Ekta made this edit for this part


This cannot be happening. In three days is it Christmas. Arthur’s tears keep falling on Merlin’s face. Suddenly Merlin’s body is surrounded with light blue magic. The sidhe fairies, Arthur and his knights are looking surprised. After a few minutes later Merlin opened his eyes but he is still weak. “This is a miracle.” Said the Sidhe fairy. “It is really a miracle but he is still so weak. And how has this happened?” “Never thought their exist such a strong friendship. True love is a powerful magic, apparently your friendship you both have is very strong.” Said the Sidhe fairy. “What do you mean?” Asked Arthur. “Your friendship and your love for your friend brought him back from dead but it’s not strong enough. He needs a one true love kiss to cure him completely.” “One true love kiss? I don’t know if he have one.”

Suddenly they hear Merlin say the name Mithian and then Arthur knew what he had to do but he is so surprised he didn't know they were in love. Arthur carried Merlin on his horse. “We have got to go to Camelot.” “Thank you sidhe fairies for your help.” Said Arthur and they left to go to Camelot. They arrived a day later in Camelot. Arthur carries Merlin to his room. Gwen and Gaius run to them. “What happened?” asked Gaius. “He used a powerful spell to bring me back from dead but it took a lot from him and he was dying. So I had to find the rainbow flower but it didn't work and he died but the strength of our friendship brought him back and now he needs a one true love kiss to be cured completely.” Gwen jumps in Arthur’s arms. “I’m so happy your back. Who is Merlin’s true love?”

“Princess Mithian. I have to write to her. Can you stay with him?” “Of course we will.” Said Gaius and Gwen. Arthur left the room. “Thank you so much Merlin for bringing Arthur back.” Said Gwen. “You’re welcome. I’m glad too that I could bring him back.” They all smile. A few minutes later Arthur returns. In the evening the guards bring Arthur a letter from Mithian. “What does she write my love?” “She will be here by Christmas.” “That is amazing.” Says Gaius. Merlin started blushing and everyone laughed. Two days later it was Christmas. Princess Mithian arrived in Camelot and the guards brought her to Merlin. “Oh Merlin, what happened to you?” Arthur told Mithian everything. Mithian sat next to Merlin and takes Merlin’s head in her hands.

She looks deep into his eyes and then she kisses him. Suddenly Merlin is surround with light blue magic again. The kiss worked. Merlin is completely cured. Mithian kissed him again and Merlin kissed her back. “You are so cute together. Merlin come with me. I have a Christmas present for you.” Merlin smiles and then everyone follows Arthur to the balcony. The people of Camelot are on the square. “Dear people, my best friend here has magic and he taught me that magic is not bad but it's the person who uses it that makes it so. Merlin proved to me that you can use magic for a force of good. He brought me back from death and in doing so, he almost lost his life. My Christmas present for Merlin is that I bring magic back to Camelot. I don’t want my best friend to have to live in fear.”

Merlin has tears in his eyes. “But beware if you going to use magic for evil then you will end up on the stake.” All the people yelled:” Long live the king!!” Then Gwen came to Arthur and in her arms she was holding a little boy. Arthur looks at him. Gwen talked to the little boy. “Arwen this is your father.” Arthur smiled a lot. Gwen gave Arwen to Arthur and he is so happy. “Merlin do you want to become the godfather to Arwen?” Merlin smiles and say: “It will be a honor to be the godfather of your son.” They all smiled. “I’m a father now. This is so amazing.” Arthur showed his son to his people. “Say welcome to your new prince.
Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.”
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Bradley about Colin: "okay what's this guy about" and then I feel as though there's been a bit of a band
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Re: When you return I will be here - BradleyColingirl

Postby BradleyColingirl » Sun Sep 13, 2015 4:47 pm

Four months later after Arthur’s return. It was a very sunny day. Merlin wake up in the arms of Mithian. He turn him on his side to look her face. He still cannot believe that he going to marry her today. He crawl out bed but very careful because he don’t want to wake up Mithian. He go to the window and look outside. He sees how Arthur is playing with his four month old son. He is so happy. Merlin never saw his best friend so happy. Gwen is smiling to her husband and her son. Merlin hopes he going to have a family of his own soon. Merlin smiles thinking of that thought. Than Mithian wake up and she starts smiling to her man. She stands up and go to him and Merlin lays his hands around and give a kiss on her hair. “I’m going to dress me up for our wedding.” Mithian kiss him with a lot of passion. “I cannot wait till I can call you my man.” Merlin starts blushing and then he go away. For the first time is it Arthur that helps Merlin to dress. Gwen helps Mithian to dress her. Arthur smiles to his friend. “You look very happy and that makes me happy too.”

Merlin smiles back. “Yes, I’m really happy. How can’t I be happy. Today I going to marry with the woman I love. Hard to believe I going to marry a princess.” Arthur started laughing. “Not so hard to believe Merlin. I mean I married a servant too when I was king remember?” “I remember that.” Arthur got tears in his eyes. “Why are you sad Arthur?.” “I’m not sad Merlin. This are tears of happiness.” Arthur takes Merlin hands. “My happiness that I have, I have that thanks to you. You learned me to follow my heart and to be true to myself. You are always there for me. Protected me where you can. Even brought me back from death. Without you I would not been here. Without you I would not been that great king/person I’m now. Without you I would not see my son grow up and I’m really grateful for that. You know Merlin. I don’t see you as my servant, not see you as my best friend but I see you as my brother. I always did. You changed my life since day one that I met you.” Merlin have tears in his eyes now too. “You are for me as a brother too. I’m really happy you are my witness on my wedding.” “It’s an honour to be your witness.”

Arthur guide Merlin to the throne room. When he stands for the altar, Mithian comes in together with Gwen. Mithian have a beautiful light green dress on. Green is Merlin’s favourite colour. Merlin looks with a very lovely look to her. When she is with him, he took her hand and go look to the priest. After they say yes to each other, Mithian gets a lot of pain in her belly. She scream from the pain. Merlin caring Mithian to their room. Gaius examine her. Than Gaius looks to Merlin with a big smile. Merlin don’t understand. “Congrats Merlin you are going to be a father.” Merlin smiles a lot and then he look at Mithian and she is happy too. Merlin go to Arthur. “My dear bro, do you want to be the godfather of my child?” Arthur smiles. “It would be an honour bro.” They hug each other.
Colin about Bradley: We have a strong band together
Bradley about Colin: "okay what's this guy about" and then I feel as though there's been a bit of a band
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Re: When you return I will be here - BradleyColingirl

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I put the 7 years celebrating in my story ;)

Times fly away in Camelot. Mithian is now 8 months far, Merlin is so happy that he will become father. Arwen is now 8 months old. Arthur gives Arwen a lot of attention, he want is it do it very different than his father did and he will put his son on the first place. Today Merlin is now 7 years Arthur’s manservant and he want to do something special for his best friend. He organize everything with Mithian and Gwen. Today Arthur will only spend time with Merlin, starting with horse-riding till in the woods, than a pic-nic and after that they will going to swim. For the first time it was Arthur that wake up Merlin. Merlin groaned.
“Rise and shine my friend.” Said Arthur very happy.
Merlin opened his eyes, a little bit confused.
“Arthur? What are you doing? Isn’t my job to wake you up?”
Arthur laughs.
“Well today is a special day, today it’s our day. Dress you on and I will see you over an hour with the horses.”
Arthur goes away and then look very confused to his wife. Mithian smiles.
“You know more about this, don’t you?” said Merlin on his charming way.
“Well my love that you will find out soon why.” She winks to him and give him than a very passion kiss on the mouth.
“Go up and dress, you cannot let your king awaits for you.” She put her tongue out.
Merlin still had no clue why this day was so special, apparently it was very important to Arthur. After an hour he arrived with the horses and they were already be prepared. Arthur sat already on his horse so Merlin says nothing and get up on his horse too. They leave Camelot and after a while Arthur stops. It was a very beautiful place in the woods with a lake. Arthur take the pic-nic basket and set everything to ready for eating.
“Go sit and eat with me Merlin.” He smiled
Merlin go sit down but is very confused.
“Why do you do this? I don’t understand, I thought I was the servant.” Said he on a sceptic tone. Arthur had to laugh with this sentence.
“Hahahaha your so funny Merlin. You are still my servant but you are also more than that. Nothing wrong to pamper my best friend after all he did for me. ”
“OK, you said it is a special day. What is it today that makes it so special?”
“Merlin I thought you would be the one that would know. Now you disappoint me.” Said he on a playful tone.
“Srr but I have no clue.”
“Today you are my servant for 7 years. Thought it would be time to celebrate that. Never had a friend for 7 years and I wanted to thank you for everything you did for me. Also for saving my life time after time.”
Merlin smiled.
“Your welcome and did you all organize that for our friendship?”
“Yes Merlin, you mean a lot to me, you deserved a special day.”
“Thank you, I really appreciate it.”
“Look you were angry cause I did your chores.”
“well I can live it for one day but I love to be your servant and I hope I may still be. Nothing have to be change now right?”
“oh and I was thinking to promote you to my right hand.”
“Don’t I’m already? And if so I can still combine that with my job as your manservant unless you don’t want me as your servant anymore.” Said it on a sad tone.
Arthur hugged Merlin very tight.
“Your idiot. Of course I will keep you as my servant, don’t want to have another. Your my best friend but would love it if you will come my right hand. There will not change much I already asks your advice, it would just be official and well maybe you want to become a knight of Camelot too, after all you are the bravest of us all.”
“Me, a knight of Camelot. I don’t have any fighting skills.”
“You would be a magical knight, you are good with magic.” He gives a wink to Merlin. He look up to Arthur and he could see the proudness in Merlin’s eyes.
“And what say the others about that idea?”
“They were very happy about it, they all find you deserve recognition for all you have did and with you we feel us more save. We know you will not let us hurt. So will you do it?”
“Yes I want but what about my job as servant, do I can combine that with a knight?”
“yeah sure you don’t need practice and when we are on mission you where there with me anyway, will not change much but it will all be official and you get more respect.”
Merlin smiles and have tears in his eyes. Arthur really cares a lot for him.
“I will do it of course.”
“Great this evening we will have a knight ceremony.”
They eat and after eating they going to swim. They both are bulling each other. They have it very nice and Merlin enjoys of his free day with his best friend. He appreciate what Arthur all do for him. When they are go back to Camelot it was already evening. They prepare each other for the knight ceremony. Arthur was already in the throne room when Merlin arrived in his knights clothes and go to Arthur. When he stands for Arthur, he kneeled, Arthur takes his sword and while he was putting his sword on Merlin’s shoulders he says the words:
“Arise Merlin, knight of Camelot.”
Merlin stands up, Arthur hugs him, then he turns him to the people and they all yell
“Long live Merlin!!”
Arthur lays his hands on his shoulders. Merlin smiles, Mithian, Gwen and Gaius are very proud on Merlin and also on Arthur. Then they celebrate the whole evening. After an hour or two comes Mithian to Merlin.
“My love, I’m going to sleep, I’m very tired.”
“No problem I will come with you.”
“You don’t have to my love. Keep celebrating, it’s not every day you become a knight of Camelot. I will be fine.” She kissed him.
“Okay, good night my princess.”
Mithian goes away and then Merlin go back celebrating. While Mithian was going to her room, she had the feeling that she was been followed. On the moment she was in her room, a man took Mithian, put a scrap of cloth on her mouth and a few seconds later she was unconscious. The strange man takes Mithian out her room and smocked her out of Camelot. After an hour Merlin go back to his room, he was a little bit drunk. He enter his room and then he saw there was a chair felt down and when he look in bed, he didn’t found Mithian. Suddenly he found the scrap of cloth with a compound of hogswart and phylarian. Merlin get in panic. He runs back to the feast to Arthur. Arthur sees that Merlin is pale and that he was crying. He runs to Merlin, hugs him.
“Merlin what is wrong? What happened?” Ask he worried.
“Mithian…. Mithian is been kidnapped.” He cries louder.
“Sssstttt, we will find.” Arthur turns back to his knights.
“The feast is over. Tomorrow morning we will leave Camelot and go search Mithian. We have the find her, she is high pregnant. When the suns comes up, we leave!” Everyone leaves, Arthur goes with Merlin to his room. It breaks his heart to see his friend so broken. They sit on bed.
“Sssstt Merlin I swear we will find her.”
“What if we come too late? What if they kill our child? What if…”
“Merlin stop! Don’t do this to yourself. We will find Mithian on time and your child will be fine.”
He stands up.
“She is gone Arthur!! Gone!! Why? And who? What want they with her?” Merlin suddenly looks in shock.
“Merlin what is wrong? Do you have an idea who took her?”
“I do. A while ago a seer for spelled that my child would my doom.”
“Your doom?”
“Yeah she would be more powerful than me, she would be the only one that could killed. I didn’t believe it but now I cannot think of something else why they would kidnapping Mithian.” He felt on his knees.
“They want my child, they want her to put against me and let her kill me.” He put his head in his hands. He cries louder. It was so hard to see Merlin cry like that. Arthur go sit next to Merlin and hold him in his arms.
“That will not happen, we will find her on time and no one will put you child against you. No one!”
“I’m losing my child.” Tears rolling over his cheeks.
Colin about Bradley: We have a strong band together
Bradley about Colin: "okay what's this guy about" and then I feel as though there's been a bit of a band
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