Calling all Scribes of the Golden Age!

Calling all Scribes of the Golden Age!

Postby Emrys » Wed Oct 01, 2014 9:28 am

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Calling all Scribes of the Golden Age

Here is the place to exhibit your stories, poems & yarns of olde! All about Merlin, Arthur, Guinevere & Morgana, tales of Morded and the Knights.... of Gaius and Uther.... of Kilgharrah the Great and Aithusa..

So! Those of you who are writing "Chapters" - meaning real chapters, not paragraphs, may post those here in sequence. You may post a new Topic and call it the title of your continuing Series.. adding Chapters to your Original Post. We are sure many will come back to read.

The writers of BBC"s Merlin are talented indeed.. they created characters that will "Live Long in the Minds of Men". Here you can continue their story.. right that terrible end... Arthur Lives Again! The Golden Age of Camelot is yet to Come! Merlin stands with Arthur using Magic freely in the magical Kingdom of Camelot!

For the Love of Camelot! Keeping the MAGIC Alive!

Tony de Haan is the Moderator of this section so if you have any questions. .... direct them his way.
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