Eoin Macken in Killing Jesus

Eoin Macken in Killing Jesus

Postby Tony » Tue Jun 02, 2015 7:44 pm

Eoin Macken is playing Herod Antipas in the recently premiered TV movie Killing Jesus.
Eoin Macken: I took a lot of how I played Antipas off how Kelsey [Grammer] played Herod because I quite like his Herod.... He was going through pain and I think that was very important because it then created...a connection... there's a certain level of respect.
It's also interesting doing this because you appreciate what Jesus had to go through as well, as opposed to looking at it from a fairytale point of view where it's loaves and fishes. [You] kind of got a heightened sense of reality and that's good because you have to really consider and you see what he goes through. It's not just stories.
(source: http://www.cbn.com)
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Kelsey Grammer (left) and Eoin Macken
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