The world of Tom Hopper

The world of Tom Hopper

Postby Merlin Amanda » Fri Oct 03, 2014 3:37 pm

Tweet from Tom

Tom Hopper @Tomhopperhops · Oct 4

People in Germany! I will be coming to RingCon on Sat 18th October to promote @NorthmenMovie! Come and say hi!

Tom Hopper was cast in As You Like It at the Watford Palace Theatre[2][3] and has appeared in various television programmes and films such as Saxon, Casualty, Kingdom and Doctors.
Tom portrayed Marcus in a comedy-horror film, Tormented about a bullied teenager who comes back from the dead to take revenge on his classmates. The film was made by BBC Films, Slingshot & Forward Films and was released internationally by Pathe, on 22 May 2009 in the UK.
Tom of course played Sir Percival in the BBC series Merlin.[4] On 3 June 2012,
He appeared as himself on the game show Deal or No Deal, opening a box for a celebrity special involving his friends, pop band McFly.
He stars in the feature film "Cold".] filmed in Ireland in 2012 and due to be released at festivals in 2013.
Tom has become the first actor to join new Starz series Black Sails. The pirate drama – exec produced by Michael Bay – serves as a prequel to Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island.[5]
Toms latest roll is Asbjörn in Northmen: A Viking Saga (Post-Production)

Tom Hopper as Asbjörn in NORTHMEN - A VIKING SAGA
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Tom In Black Sails
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Re: The world of Tom Hopper

Postby Morgana Pendragon » Sun Oct 05, 2014 11:30 pm

I saw yesterday near Harrods a man who was EXACTLY like Tom, I almost died. But he wasn't finally :( :P
Thank you
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Re: The world of Tom Hopper

Postby Tony » Fri Jan 16, 2015 7:27 pm

I’ve been watching Black Sails, with Tom Hopper as Billy Bones. It’s a pirate-show, but not your standard “eyepatch-and-parrot-on-shoulder” show. This series is gritty, dirty and realistic. There is, of course, a treasure to be found (you can’t have pirates without a treasure), but it’s also about politics, power and intrigue. A series also not for younger viewers, given the fair amount of violence and female nudity.
As I mentioned earlier, Tom Hopper portrays Billy Bones, who, in Tom’s own words, is just about the only pirate who has a sense of decency.
And Tom is right, Billy Bones is a character who actually tries to do the decent thing. Needless to say, Tom gives us a great performance, making Billy both a believable and a lovable character. Unfortunately, in episode six he falls overboard and is supposedly drowned.
If you’re a fan of Tom Hopper, this is a series not to be missed!
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