I'm tomeg_merlinsworld

I'm tomeg_merlinsworld

Postby tomeg_merlinsworld » Fri Jan 16, 2015 10:13 pm

...or, just tom who fancies bbc's merlin series and all that implies! i don't recall if i introduced myself already in this forum, but i thought it a good idea to do so again, since i haven't 'hung out' with fellow merlinians or whatever you call yourselves!

i live in los angeles california usa. i just watched series 1 through 5 for 6th or 7th time since the series ended.

i have a burning question: what is it about series/season 5 you object to most. some detail would be appreciated because i was disappointed with several episodes, but rather enjoyed the final 3 episodes, despite my disappointments.

Disappointment #1 the fabric and tone of relationship of merlin and mordred was out of warp, and i mainly lay the blame at merlin's persistently sour, distrustful, rude, and unsupportive treatment of mordred, who after all was doing his utmost to be a loyal and committed friend of arthur's. in this respect, i was totally with gaius' criticism of merlin's bad attitude, which became really tiresome well before the ending episodes.

disappointment #2 the way mordred's light and dark sides were mostly dimmed if not dropped altogether. he was not the same boy as in series 2 and 3, who was highly ambiguous and enigmatic and a really big question mark. the adult mordred, as played by alexander vlahos' mordred had way more potential to express this mercurial element in his character.

mainly, i felt mordred's character in the series was under-developed, and, as a consequence mordred's killing arthur and arthur's reciprocating with his own fatal stab, I felt was tepid, felt more like a comma in the drama than an exclamation point. mordred deserves better treatment from the writers and producers than a simple black and white opposition.

finally, on the general subject of mordred's mysterious character and activity in the drama, i frankly don't buy either the legends' or our 'Merlin' series' limp treatment of mordred, who must be a much bigger player in the legends and stories, with a real rather than a prop character. moreover, it's my own view that mordred and merlin and arthur must have become great friends and allies, each with his own mysteries, strengths and weakness. in particular mordred and merlin, there is soooo much that is missing. maybe it could be later redacting of the story erased very much detail of mordred's place and rank in the legends and series. it is his (mordred's) character present day and future legend writers should flesh out, because he holds keys in his persona to the unraveling how arthur's and mordred's deaths really played out. it could transform the entire story in the legends into something ourselves would chew on and discuss well into the future!
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Re: I'm tomeg_merlinsworld

Postby Tony » Fri Jan 16, 2015 11:19 pm

Hello tomeg-merlinsworld, or Tom... Welcome to our forum!
To answer your burning question: the problem is the ending, the unsatisfactory ending. We never got to see the "golden era" of Camelot, the long reign of Arthur. The unnecessary deaths of Gwaine, and Morgana is another point. The series ended too abruptly. It felt like it was rushed, "let's kill half of the characters and be done with it".
It was not the acting, far from it, and especially in Arthur's death scene, that was superbly done by Colin and Bradley. And the rest of season 5 was, in my opinion, absolutely wonderful.
The unsatisfactory ending is, in a nutshell, our problem with that final episode.
I like your comments on Mordred. May I come back to you to that in a few days' time?
For the love of Camelot!
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Re: I'm tomeg_merlinsworld

Postby BradleyColingirl » Sat Jan 17, 2015 12:48 pm

Welcome to the forum
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Re: I'm tomeg_merlinsworld

Postby Leigh_Jones » Fri Mar 06, 2015 9:37 pm

Hello there!!! Welcome to the family!! Personally, I didn't like the ending to Merlin. Middle finger it was to fans.
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Re: I'm tomeg_merlinsworld

Postby tomeg_merlinsworld » Thu Aug 11, 2016 4:46 am

That is so interesting, your hatred of the ending. I'm not trying to argue with you, just point out that what the producers did in Merlin was give the story a (or "the") plausible wrap which embraced Geoffrey of Monmouth. True, I would have liked for Mordred not to have died, nor Morgana, nor Gawaine. It would have been nice if Arthur didn't die either but was transported by skiff to Avalon, where according to one of the extant versions of the legend, Morgana tended to his wounds and healed him (or tried to, anyway).

There is the character of Gaius, of course, who would have been in an ideal position to continue the story, himself narrating the adventures as they were depicted on camera. But how long would (could) that have gone on. Seemingly endlessly, but the TV Series had at most another season consisting of several episodes, likely not as many as were in Season 5. What alternate conclusion to the series could there have been?

As some of you already know I am writing a screenplay for an Arthur/Merlin/Mordred/Morgana populated tale, hopefully to be made into a movie or mini-series. I have decided to re-frame the entire legend, changing the roles and ultimate fates of several of the characters.
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