Back to the Core: Intangibles

Back to the Core: Intangibles

Postby Galadriel » Mon Nov 10, 2014 6:59 pm

If you look in the dictionary for the meaning of Intangible you will find more or less: not tangible; incapable of being perceived by the sense of touch, as incorporeal or immaterial things; not definite or clear to the mind, existing only in connection with something else, hard to value.

Yes. Intangibles are impossible to measure or control. It is hard to make sense of them sometimes; as when intuition is telling you something that seems completely out of order from the point of view of rationality. The fact that they strive in the realm of uncertainty and the unknown can be misunderstood. Intangibles might be slippery, ungraspable and even illogical; nevertheless, they are responsible for making us blissfully happy, connect in meaningful ways and reach our potential.

We fear them because they cannot be seen and touched or summoned at will, so they have ended associate with our imperfections, weaknesses and things we need to hide about ourselves. We admire heroes and even dream of having superpowers, and we do! The fact that is that our superpowers rely on intangibles, there is where the magic is, but instead or growing and nurturing our most essential human qualities, we run away from them and feel ashamed.

I believe that life is about bringing intangibles up front and celebrate them. We expend so much energy trying to deny and hide our vulnerability! How freeing would we feel if you could drop the heavy shell and work through your weaknesses with compassion and humor? How different to be able to grow into the person you are meant to be and correct course by the compass of your passions and values? Why is that we have to keep walking looking over our shoulder and choosing the exact words that will not produce any ripple or show anything more than the expected?

Now, if we move into the realm of intangibles we enter a world that is feared and rejected in so many ways in our society - the realm of sacredness. The Sacred has become a “commodity” that is allowed just when is guided through dogma and it sticks to conventional rules. But when is the result of a calling and the wisdom beyond our “mind grasp,” we are challenged. We feel pulled to reconnect with nature and the soul within and in everything around us while being haunted by the “Uther” syndrome plaguing us today as much as it did in Merlin’s Camelot.

I have many years of experience with uncertainty, falling and getting up again, loving with all my heart and letting go, walking with shaking legs in the dark and relying only on faith, sucking at time management according to the charts, but working 24/7 for the things I believe in and love. Society judges us by "performance" not character. By performance I refer to those 'skills" that the work place ask for which include ''some" character traits but close the door to those that make for our uniqueness and soul imprint.

Why ? It takes much observation and courage to do so, it sets high standards, it makes people hard to "manipulate", it requires commitment and there is no one to blame when thing goes South. It takes soulful leadership, self-awareness, empathy and deep respect.

My proximity with the sacred or the needs of the soul has been more of an intuitive-inquisitive-hand-on-experience nature rather than theological; and after many years working in the field of education and the arts I can assure that the idea of soulfulness in ordinary everyday life makes a huge difference not only from the point of view of intellect and creativity but from the point of view of well-being and quality of life.

Most problems in life cannot be solved with formulas or memorized answers of the type learnt in school; they require the judgment, wisdom and the creative ability that come from walking our personal journeys. If we want people who can ask and seek answers to new questions, solve new problems and anticipate obstacles before they arise; we need to foster the ability to think creatively and to look within.

What are we doing as society to foster this in our kids and in ourselves? Where do you go to allow your soul a non-judgmental, whole and free exploration of the possibilities? How do we fin our Crystal Cave and guides to grow our magic gifts?

The more I work with kids and people, the more I feel an urge to find the Dragonlord in me and go back to alchemy of the "Old Religion's" wisdom that gave birth to Merlin's, Arthur's, Gwen's and all our beloved character archetypal gifts. I long for a "Druid" community where we can grow from the inside out and let the seed of greatness emerge from the divine acorn in us. I am completely sure we did not come alone to this world, I know we were sent here with a "sacred gift" and it takes time and effort to develop it, as well as loving and wise guidance.

How can we become the "Gaius"/ "Balinor"/" Druid seers"/(i.e.) for our children and our circle of kindred spirits?

Perhaps Merlin's lesson is that we have many resources in our experience and heritage to bring about the world of peace and beauty we dream about...
My dream is to develop a "practical" way and a safe haven for kids and kindred spirits to find support, inspiration and "spells" to walk their journeys to greatness. I want to do it through the arts and humanities because they have blessed me with a "parallel" sacred world that is forging the blade of my 'character" in a Dragon Breath. Although the path is never either "straight" nor "easy"; it is loaded with beauty, significance and magic and it is not mine to keep... is to share... It is my destiny.


I dream to move to the UK and start developing programs where young and Old kids can re-dimension there lives. Put together a multidisciplinary team and make the magic happen...

Are they any along this "table" who would join me? How would you make Merlin's magic yours?
Who are the Kilgarrah's, Druids, Gaius, Once and Future Kings and Queens to reach out and help build our Albion?
Community is the new "Crystal of Neadtih" how can we harness it power for good?

Thank you for being there!. :)
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Re: Back to the Core: Intangibles

Postby BradleyColingirl » Tue Nov 11, 2014 6:12 pm

Galadriel I really love your message they are so beautiful and touching
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Re: Back to the Core: Intangibles

Postby Galadriel » Wed Nov 12, 2014 9:10 pm

Thank you it is good to know that they are understood and appreciate for what they are a way to bring inspiration and hope for those like me working to build a better world for all.
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Re: Back to the Core: Intangibles

Postby Tony » Thu Nov 13, 2014 9:01 pm

I can really relate to your story, Galadriel, there is so much spirituality in Merlin, and so much love. Thank you for sharing this!
For the love of Camelot!
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