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Postby Emrys » Fri Feb 20, 2015 11:25 am

So people were asking about a place where they could come and just .. you know post about what's going on for them.. SO here it is.

You can rave about Merlin or rant about the fact that it ended. You can chat about what's going on in your life. Whatever you like.

For me at the moment I'm still in the UK and it's COLD so I keep wishing I was back in Hawaii or CA where it's warmer.....

I also keep wishing that more people would come and join us on Tsu... - pronounced "Sue"
Here's the link to join More Merlin Tsu:

Am wondering what Angel is up to - there doesn't seem to have been much news about her.. or Bradley since the announcement about Damien.

I did spend a couple of lovely weeks down in the West country.. saw Amanda of course - that was lovely - and also went to the stone circle at Avebury - reminded me of Druids and the "old religion" and Silbury Hill. Anyone else been there? very impressive. DOn't you think it's right of one of the "druid" episodes of Merlin? Very atmospheric. Maybe they could shoot the movie there.
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Re: Chat Chat Chat

Postby Merlin@ » Sat Feb 21, 2015 7:57 pm

Wow this place is beautiful Francesca.
I wish I went there one day.
If you're in the UK when I go there, we'll be able to meet !!

And yes I agree with Tsu, it's a good way to raise money for a movie. I already have my account !!
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Re: Chat Chat Chat

Postby Leigh_Jones » Fri Mar 06, 2015 9:34 pm

Hi Merlinians,
How are you all? Hope you haven't all forgotten me.. I am very sorry again for the absence. I have just been so busy catching up with college coursework due to Christmas's issue with my dad. I only have 10 weeks until finals and May until coursework deadlines. I promise in the Summer I will have so much time, in fact I have July 1st - September 1st all dedicated to you guys and my Merlin fanfic. I do miss my Merlin family. I always promise to try and update my Merlin fanfic but I never have the time due to taking care of mum or doing work. I was up until 3pm last night and in fact the night before all because I just forced myself to do work. Just tonight was the only night I got to finally update my blog since last year (November).

Hope to become a part of the gang again if you don't mind me sneaking in...

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Re: Chat Chat Chat

Postby BradleyColingirl » Sat Mar 07, 2015 1:16 pm

We understand you have it busy
that is life, you don't always have much time to do what you want ;) xx
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Re: Chat Chat Chat

Postby Tony » Tue Mar 10, 2015 8:37 pm

Same here, I'm afraid... rather busy and time just seems to disappear into thin air... So, please sneak in any time you like!
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Re: Chat Chat Chat

Postby Leigh_Jones » Wed Apr 01, 2015 12:36 am

Hi there Merlinians, I have missed you. But the most incredible thing happened on Thursday the 26th of March!! And I have to tell you all!!

So basically, my favourite band in the whole world is Train and finally Thursday was the day me and my friend would see them live! Now, Jess has already been to countless of concerts and met loads of artists, but for me it would be my first ever concert - and its only my FAV FRIGGIN BAND. Anyways, we got to the MEN Arena in the heart of Manchester at like 5:00pm and as we walked over the bridge into the building my heart was bouncing and butterflies were swerving around my stomach!! I felt sick but in a brilliant way, then we waited around until 6pm (when the doors opened), now basically Train follow me on Twitter and I emailed them 3 days before the show asking if they meet fans before the show, and they gave me an email for Pergo (a member of the band) so I emailed him explaining how we love them and would be very grateful if we could say hello. THEN HE FRIGGIN PUT ME AND JESS ON THE GUEST LIST FOR MEET AND GREET! I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT! Jess was like "omfg Leigh you have just got us into meeting your fav ever band for free when people usually pay like 100 pounds". So I didn't know what to say I was so shocked and extremely happy!! My heart literally felt like bursting, no this isn't a descriptive story I am writing - I honestly felt like this. So, as we were in the venue at like 5:40pm we went to the box office (because that's where Pergo told me to collect the passes) and explained about the email, so the lovely man at the desk said they will be sending the list in around 30 mins so we waited outside McDonald's. Then around the appropriate time (6:20pm ish), we went back to the box office and gave my name and there was a white envelope, I explained how Jess would be on there too and he said there were two passes inside so I was freaking out!! Oh my frick ok - the envelope had MY FULL NAME ON IT and it said "x2 M&G passes meet at the standing line on the right" - I wanted to cry!! They actually put me on the list!! I felt incredibly special. Anyway, we looked inside and there were two lovely, green armbands that said "Train" around it so we put ours on but we didn't know where the M&G area was so we asked these lovely couple who were collecting their bands too and they told us. Then we got talking and Jess explained to them how it was my first ever concert and they were hoping I would enjoy it and they explained how they saw Patrick (the lead singer), on holiday in America so we were like aaaw. Then they explained how they knew someone who could contact the band for meet and greets, doing so I shared my story about how they follow me on Twitter and they message me and the couple were like "oh so they follow you that's fantastic" - and it made me smile so much thinking about that day they followed me!! So they said see you at the meet and greet and we said bye bye then we went through the doors into the arena. They sold soooo much merch and I got a beautiful, original Train Bulletproof Picasso shirt for 25 pounds - expensive but TOTALLY WORTH IT. So, I put it on and my other went in the bag.

Now, the main thing, leading onto the actual arena!! First of all, it was gorgeous! The lighting was dark but the guards had their torches XD plus the stage spotlights were beautiful and florescent like, the standing pit was huge and so was the screens for the people who sat right at the back in the stalls. Now, our seats were in Row A right opposite facing the stage so they weren't bad at all! We listened to the support acts which were The Magic Numbers and some talented woman who sang like an angel, (I am guessing she isn't very well known) anyways, we were snapchatting, talking and getting very very hyped up!! Then at 8:15 we grabbed our stuff and we were guided towards the standing pathway on the right of the stage where we showed the security guard our green wristbands, THEN OMG HE LET US THROUGH! Jess was like "omg omg omg Leigh how do you feel about meeting your favourite people in like 5 minuets" - I told her I was shaking like a bloody leaf!! But I was so so so happy that this was finally happening!! There was a pretty long line, not as long as I imagined so I am guessing not many people were selected for a special meet and greet. Just a wall length line you see in Primary School. Anyway, yeah, we went to the back and we saw the lovely couple again and they were like "oh hello again we got worried we thought you got lost" so we waited with them. The security guard was walking past and looking round, presumably preparing to go and get Train. My heart skipped, jumped, collided and just got giddy!! THIS WAS IT! THE MOMENT I WOULD BE MEETING THEM!

I was smiling like an idiot at Jess until... I looked behind me... AND THERE THEY WERE! I SAW PAT'S FACE FIRST AND ALMOST SCREAMED! Jess was holding me tight and the security guard said he would go to the back people first and I was like "oh shite we are after this couple shit shit!" I told Jess to go first as I was waaaay to nervous, so she was like Hi to them and told me to join them to make the M&G easier so she dragged me and swung me around (in which I felt like a real twat XD) so we got a photo with them I WAS SAMWICHED BETWEEN PAT AND JIMMY THE GUITARIST - IT FELT SO SPECIAL AH!!! So, I was looking at Pat saying hi and he asked me what my name was and I answered and he nodded (holy frick he knows my name personally now I can die happy), and Jess was having a conversation with him and I was talking to Jimmy. I told him they are my favourite band ever and he was like oh you are so sweet, and Jess told them that it was my first concert EVER and they all seemed shocked! The drummer was like "oh wow awesome" and Jimmy said to me he hoped it didn't suck and I just replied by saying "oh no don't say that, it wont at all" - I was literally about to tell him to shut up XD and I told him about coming here and he said you have to be safe and then I turned to Pat and he was like "yeah definitely you gotta be safe out there" - and I told them that my mum was worrying about me.

THEN THE CUTEST THING HAPPENED - I told Jimmy that I loved them so much and they were my ultimate favourites, then he reached into his pocket and PULLED OUT HIS GUITAR PICK AND SAID "here have a pick" - I DIED!! FRIGGIN DIED!! It is the goldest, prettiest thing ever made! It has Train on the front then Jimmy's printed autograph on the back. Now they didn't throw any picks into the audience whilst performing nor did they have many to give away - probably just a handful. So I felt so honoured and special!! I was like "omg thank you so much" and he was like no worries. Then the guys had to move us along so we were all like thank you so much and good luck tonight. I kept literally gazing back and glaring at Pat like eye communicating with him like "i am wishing you the best of luck through my eyes" so Jess had to pull me away and make sure I didn't fall over my own feet XD IT WAS THE BEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE AND THAT WAS BEFORE THE SHOW! After all this hoping and wishing to meet them and going to their gig and it happening is the strangest, most fulfilling thing a 18 year old, fangirl can have in her life!!! Me and Jess were giggling like school girls when we came out.

Now, we did a naughty thing, we didn't go back to our seating places we just joined the standing crowd and pushed our way to the front. Best view ever. We didn't get right to the very front, we were like 6 rows behind but we were facing directly at the stage so WOW WOW it was an amazing view. Throughout the show no one got in our way, there was the occasional tall girls who were nudging us and trying to get in the way but that only lasted like 20 mins. As far as the concert went, it was bloody incredible!! They actually began the show with a train noise that sounded like it was leaving the station!! The first song they sung was "Just A Memory" - I recommend you guys listen to it at least once. It's ok if its not your type of music but seriously - amazing song!! The sound was awesome, not too quite, not too loud. The band was in full swing, Pat was giving it his all! Now I have a LOT of my top fav ever Train songs and they actually sang them in the concert!! Like all of my favs so I will list some of them for you, as they had like 16 songs on their playlist so I cant name them all (these are in NO PARTICULAR ORDER AS I LOVE THEM ALL):

1. Bruises
2. 50 Ways To Say Goodbye
3. Wonder What You're Doing for the Rest Of Your Life
4. Just A Memory
5. Bulletproof Picasso
6. Save Me, San Francisco
7. Parachute
8. Free
9. Angel In Blue Jeans
10. I Will Remember
11. Hey Soul Sister

Ok, is it bad that I know almost every single song they sang at the B.P concert?? XD But my TOP, TOP favs will always be numbers: 2, 3, 5, 10, 11, 12 and 4!!! I can't chose just one that's impossible!!! So yeah, during the concert Pat took selfies on people's phones - wow wow wow even took a pic on his and told everyone to wave their hands in the air. Uuum, he actually joined the crowd at the front which is amazing for those who have always wanted to meet/touch him so I am so happy for any of those people. And Pat was BASHING the drums - holy God he was amazing - he can also play the saxophone. He threw one of Drews (the drummers) drum sticks into the audience, uum he had a blue "Angel In Blue Jeans" top on which he signed then the whole band signed and some lucky person got that (even though there was like a big cat fight XD). Yeah they just threw little bits out which was incredibly cute of them. Train started around half 8 and finished at 10 to 11 (ran a little overtime). BUT IT WAS SO GOOD GUYS!! I AM SO HAPPY!! Ah words cant even describe what Thursday night was like for me and Jess. We met them, talked to them, saw them live and screamed for them. My dream since I was 14!! Best night of my life. And I have another concert not this Thursday but the Thursday after. Going to see Meghan Trainor with my friend, Beth!!

But seriously concerts are the best!! I would never have been allowed to do this before!! And I can see why people go to so many of them!! Train have been before in 2013 but I wasn't allowed to go, plus I had only gotten into the band for like a year. I am just so so glad I am a pure Trainiac/Angel now!! And I hope to go to more of Train's shows in the future and I will deffo go to as much as I can now that I am 18!!

Thanks for listening!! Feel free to share this story. I actually loved writing this down. I will be creating a blog review about the Bulletproof Picasso concert and what the experience was like for me very soon. Hopefully by this weekend as I have so much to say!! AND YOU'LL GET TO SEE THE PICTURES!! So be ready!! (Oh little reminder - I have Easter break from College starting this Friday and its for 2 weeks so I will be incredibly busy revising/doing Photography shoots for 15 hour Photo exam the very first week we get back so I am sorry that I wont be online as much. But I will get started on that review!!) Love you Merlinians. Stay safe, stay kind xxx

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Re: Chat Chat Chat

Postby Amberyl » Mon Oct 19, 2015 6:29 am

This site seems to be quiet lately. Where is everyone?
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Re: Chat Chat Chat

Postby Tony » Wed Oct 21, 2015 8:38 pm

To be quite honest, I don't know where everybody is...
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Re: Chat Chat Chat

Postby tomeg_merlinsworld » Wed Aug 10, 2016 6:55 pm

Well, one thing is certain, evidently: the Tsū.co community is approaching vaporware status -- the website/portal where many of us have gathered to share stories, Merlinia, and other shares -- will be shut down at the end of this month, August 31 2016.

I am really eager to hear of someplace(s) where Merlin fans are now congregating: another website/portal similar to Tsū, or somewhere else in cyberspace.

I have begun to write a screenplay for a Merlin movie or tv special, just a project that stimulates my little gray cells and imagination. I want to publish the drafts as they come due. Does anyone have any suggestion(s).

Finally, I don't feel as do so many others of you, that the Merlin Series ended badly. On the contrary, the final 3 or 4 episodes including Diamond of the Day Pts. 1 & 2 were outstandingly well done. It's just that the story we wanted to end otherwise didn't. The traditional Geoffrey of Monmouth Arthurian tale was employed and followed to the letter, albeit modified for the purposes of the Merlin Series. Mordred kills Arthur and that's that. That is how and why I object to the ending. It is my belief that Mordred did not have to have killed Arthur. Wounded him seriously, yes, maybe, but not killed. And Arthur didn't die ultimately because he was taken to the island of Avalon to be healed. So much is made of Mordred's role and his position is so compromised by the need for the tale to end in rank betrayal, few people have strongly questioned the appropriateness of that course the tale took. I believe Mordred was attempting to save Arthur's life during the battle of Camlann, and both were mortally wounded. Neither died, however, and there is a fabulous opportunity for the series to go on with all characters still intact. But that would be something totally new and different that would take a lot of work by skilled writers, directors, and producers.

Let me know what you think about my thoughts on Merlin. I want to see a Merlin/Arthur tale fully worthy of the creative talents of our time , and I want it to be in the form of either a movie or mini-series on television.

Regards, Tom Gossard - tomeg_merlinsworld
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