John Hurt ~ Actor Extraordinaire, Voice of Kilgharrah

John Hurt ~ Actor Extraordinaire, Voice of Kilgharrah

Postby Emrys » Sat Jan 28, 2017 6:30 pm

So sad to hear that John Hurt passed away yesterday.

Being from the UK originally and also being old enough, I remember the first time I really saw John Hurt was as Caligula in the amazing BBC Production of "I, Claudius". He was of course quite brilliant playing the insane Caligula with imagination and flair. The Naked Civil Servant is what brought him fame at first and that, followed by I Claudius and then The Elephant Man showed his extraordinary talent. He went on to star in many movies and on stage, always capturing the essence of his character.

When Merlin first started, I was thrilled to recognize him as the voice of Kilgharrah. What a perfect match. His gravelly voice sounded 1000 years old didn't it? I thought so. Somehow the Dragon even echoed his facial expressions. I loved the character of Kilharrah and John's own life was the backbone of the truth and wisdom that came through.

I know I will miss John Hurt. Thank you for making us feel a range of emotions John. Thank you.

Note: there is an issue with uploading photos to the Forum at the moment. I will add a photo of both John and Kilgharrah later.
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Re: John Hurt ~ Actor Extraordinaire, Voice of Kilgharrah

Postby aimeeevenstar » Sun Jan 29, 2017 7:36 pm

Oh I agree. Really sad that John Hurt has passed. He was such a talented, truly amazing actor and YES! his voice did sound 1000 years old!
Thank you for this profile of him.
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